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Studiu de caz - 30 Ianuarie 2014
Today you won’t be abused!

Today you won’t be abused!

In Romania, 2880 women are abused daily by their husbands or partners. Half of Romanians believe domestic abuse is the normality and the campaigns trying to point out the problem haven’t made much difference.

de Geometry Global
The challenge was to bring to the public attention this problem in a different way, one that would start a real discussion.

The solution was to make people witnesses to its natural, raw form of manifestation. To make it really pop-up, the campaign happened on March 8th.

What we did?

On Women’s Day morning, we gave 2 phone calls to a top radio. Our callers talked to the radio hosts and declared on air their holiday gift for the wives: no getting kicked around today. They also talked about the fact that „women have to know their place”, that „if they do stupid things, you have to set them right”, displaying an attitude which, sadly, every listener recognized.

The following day, we aired Sensiblu Foundation’s helpline in prime time TV.

The results

The show was hijacked by dozens of instant reactions on air and online: shock, horror, disgust, irony, empathy, repulsion. The BIG CONVERSATION had started!

Outraged that these men were permitted to speak live, one of the radio’s top hosts wanted to quit his job! We obtained free SEO for the Sensiblu Foundation contact details. More than 50 websites and blogs covered the subject, followed-up the campaign for over 2 months. Over 3 million reached audience, 60 times more than the average reach of an anti-violence campaign.

We created a social wave of indignation which highly outlasted our one day campaign!

Credits: Mihai Fetcu (Creative Director), Sorana Someşan (Senior Copywriter), Florina Alexandru (Senior Art Director), Alina Vârlănuţă (Copywriter), Răzvan Ludu (Senior Art Director), Ştefan Vasilachi (Head of Art), Alina Buzatu (Head of Strategy), Cristina Ungureanu (Strategic Planner), Radu Glonţ (Account Director), Nicoleta Dima (Account Manager), Mihaela Zaharia (PR Specialist).

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